The beauty kitchen: Homemade cocoa and cinnamon bronzer

There is something really satisfying about making your own beauty products with simple ingredients from your kitchen. Conventional makeup is loaded with synthetic and often toxic chemicals that have a terrible cumulative effect in our health. Read this post if you want to know more about the cocktail of chemicals we are putting on every single day.

This DIY natural bronzer is one of my favourite homemade makeup recipes. Is really simple to make, it has the most delicious scent and will add that much needed ray of sunshine to your daily makeup routine!


Unsweetened cocoa powder, as a base for colour and depth.

 Ground cinnamon, to add a natural sun-kissed glow.

A pinch of ground nutmeg adds a different kind of glow and smells amazing!

Corn starch, helps binding all the ingredients together and will also lighten up the colour if you’ve gone too heavy on the chocolate powder.

An empty container or little jar with a lid.


Simply put all ingredients together in your container of choice, put the lid on and shake it till is all properly mixed up. The trick here is to play around with different quantities of each ingredient until you reach the desired shade of bronze. If you have sensitive skin then cinnamon could cause some irritation, try a little before you start making the bronzer, just in case.

To apply, just dip the tip of your brush (a fluffy powder brush works best) in the powder, swirl around in the lid and tap the excess off. Then, apply bronzer to the areas of the face the sun would naturally hit. Using light strokes, start at the top of the forehead, then the cheekbones, and down along your jawline, in a “3” shape. You can also apply it along the bridge of your nose to contour and  across for a sun-kissed effect.

Et voilá! Powdered sunshine in a tub.