How to get beautiful skin naturally

Beautiful, healthy, glowing skin the natural way is any girls dream… Well, it’s a lot easier to achieve than you might think.

We all know there are many factors that might affect our skin condition at different times in our lives and is not always in our power to change this, however the following skin care tips will put you in the right track while you figure out what works for you.


This is probably the most important thing you’ll ever need to know about skin care. We are all victims of cleverly devised marketing campaigns that urge us to use a tone of different beauty products in order to achieve the skin of our dreams. In this never-ending quest for perfect skin we put on layer after layer of synthetic skin care and makeup products without thinking of the consequences. Well, the truth is your skin has more trouble dealing with this constant stream of plastering materials than it actually benefits from it. Where are all guilty of that, right girls? I am product junkie myself and a former Boots Card point-collecting champion so, for many years, I had really oily skin, huge clogged pores and a drained bank account. Since I cleared up all the beauty junk in my bathroom and simplifyed my skin care routine, I buy a lot less products and my skin has become more balanced and easy to manage.

Just give it a try, cut down on the number of products you use every day and see the difference for yourself.


Good nutrition is the key to the way we look and feel. Just try this for a couple of weeks; eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables and amp up your omega fatty acids intake by adding more oily fish, nuts and seeds to your diet (or an omega oil like flaxseed or Udo’s Choice Oil Blend) and your skin will love you!

Green juices and smoothies are a good way to get your five a day although you will need to invest in a good juicer or a blender. I was given a juicer this Christmas and I love making fresh juices, the only downside is that juicing leaves out all the good fibre that is also essential. A Nutribullet is probably a better buy if you have to choose between the two as you can make pretty much anything with it from smoothies to soups or delicious dips and even iced coffee when you really fancy a treat and “OMG! The Starbucks app ain’t working!”.  A slightly cheaper option to amp up your vegetable intake is by adding a green powder supplement to your water, it might take a bit to get used to the taste but the results are great.

Hydration is also paramount, drink plenty of water (at least 1 litre for every 40 pounds of body weight) and herbal teas (Pukka organic herbal blends are my favourites). Cutting down on coffee if you’re drinking more than 2 cups a day will also make a difference on the look and feel of your skin as caffeine can be quite dehydrating.

Dry brush

Dry skin brushing has been practiced for centuries as a health and beauty ritual around the world. In addition of exfoliating your skin and reading it for moisturizing, daily skin brushing will help increase blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic flow to assist with the elimination of toxins, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite and boosting your immune system. Try it before showering, choose a good dry skin brush with natural firm bristles (or a softer one if you have sensitive skin) and always brush towards the heart starting at your feet and working your way up in long sweeping motions, minding sensitive areas like breast and décolletage and always avoiding the face.


 Last but not least, treat your brushed-up skin to a good moisturizer. I personally love using coconut oil as it’s natural and my skin loves it! I have raved enough about the wonders of coconut oil on previous posts so I will contain myself this time. The choice is yours, however, try to avoid lotions full of synthetic chemicals if you can. Time permitting, massage in your choice of moisturizer in upward strokes starting at your feet, just as you would do when dry brushing.


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